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Scuba diving is a relatively safe sport, but on occasion accidents can happen. Most travel insurances will not cover scuba diving, but you can purchase diving insurance at KTD.
For courses

Insurance+ package

If you so choose, you can purchase diving insurance as part of your course. The AIG Scuba insurance covers you for 10 days, including possible fun dives you might do while diving with us. This insurance covers accidents up to 39 meters. For people between 5 and 15 years of age and for those over 70 years of age, the insurance covers 50% of the normal cover.
  • 700 THB
Read the insurance policy here
For fun dives / longer periods of time


If you require insurance for a longer period of time or plan to dive also elsewhere in the world, we recommend the Dive Master Insurance Company, or InDepths. This insurance you can get on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. The insurance is valid from the moment we sign you up with your details.
  • 1 Day - 250 THB
  • Week - 1.000 THB
  • 2 Weeks - 1.500 THB
  • Month - 2.000 THB
  • Year - 3.000 THB
Read the insurance coverage here

Hyperbaric Chamber

KTD is a proud member of the SSS Recompression Chamber Network in Southeast Asia. Our nearest chamber is on Koh Samui, and it can be reached within two hours with a speedboat.


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